About the Artist

The first Saami bracelet I came across years ago was worn by a distinguished elderly Swedish gentleman at a traditional Lucia celebration. I was so taken by the fine workmanship and detail of his bracelet, and by the history and culture of the Saami people, that I became inspired. After much research I ordered the materials I would need from Sweden to create these beautiful reindeer and pewter-thread woven bracelets, and I began my journey to create my own unique Saami and Celtic inspired jewellery.

My partner and I studied leather braiding years ago with an old cowboy named Bob at a horse ranch in the Okanagan. He learned his braiding techniques and knot tying as a young man sitting around campfires with other cowboys after a long day's work. Kangaroo leather has a unique structure that differs from most other leathers. Its properties are similar to the prehistoric fibers found in birds and reptiles and is one of the strongest leathers available. Our kangaroo hides come from Australia. Our lace is cut from culled "Roo" hides, and is then split, bevelled, and conditioned. I think of Bob often and the amazing stories he shared of his cowboy life when I am cutting leather kangaroo lace or doing a particularly challenging knot he so patiently taught us, and I feel honored
to have met him.

I feel that jewellery as an art form should be fluid. As
an artist with Scandinavian and Celtic heritage, my designs are a fusion of many cultures and influences around me. I change and grow as an artist and as a person when I do not stagnate into one way of creating or being. My jewellery reflects this attitude.

It is my hope that our bracelets and necklaces,
in some small way, transform those who wear them. I like to think that jewellery is about the magic of individualism and transformative power of style. If a piece conjures a memory or feeling, or shapes our self-perception, it becomes part of our unique sense of self, and enhances the spirit and individual style of the wearer
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